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Our number one job as parents is to ensure the safety of our children.

How do we know they are safe when we’re not there?

Stroller Patrol is a mobile app downloaded on your and your nanny’s smartphone that combines the power of geolocating technology with community-sourced feedback to ensure your child is always in the best of hands.


Here’s How Stroller Patrol Keeps Your Child Safe:


Parents can now see where their children are how they got there


Parents and Caregivers can connect with one another to exchange and share feedback, pictures and videos


Parents can read and create caregiver reviews



Download Stroller Patrol on your phone and ask your caregiver to download it on hers/his.


Link your account with your caregivers account and complete your profile with your child’s photo (optional) and stroller info.


That’s it! Anyone with Stroller Patrol can now message you directly and confidentially  with feedback if they see your child receiving great or not-so-great care.


As parents, we do our very best for the tiny humans that are entrusted to us. We hand puree their vegetables, buy the organic mattresses and babyproof every inch of our homes. We also know that we can’t always be around every minute and worry about hiring the right nanny.

Stroller Patrol allows you to rest easy knowing your child is always in the best of hands by allowing your friends and neighbors to be your eyes and ears when you’re not there. Our unique GPS powered app gives the people around your child the ability to easily provide nanny feedback, creating a virtual community that keeps an eye out for each other’s children.

Stroller Patrol is not yet available. Please stay tuned while we develop get ready to launch iPhone



Stroller Patrol was created by Diana Toyberman, a mom of two and a banking professional, who saw the need for a child tracking and reporting app after witnessing a distressing episode with a neighbor’s nanny.

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