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As a stay at home mom of two I was fortunate to be present for many memorable moments in my kids’ lives. Unfortunately, many parents don’t have the same privilege to witness those special moments.

They can not also get the full visibility on what happens when they are not there whether pleasant or not. This is why our App is a crucial necessity in todays busy world.

While caregivers work really hard juggling many tasks of child care, many moments can also go unnoticed as they manage many responsibilities at the same time. Such as in the case of a nanny taking care of twins. One was being pushed on the swing and the other was being consoled in her other arm. Or even when a nanny plays a game of tag when the little girl wasn’t invited to play with others. Those moments which are so important in the development of our children’s attitudes and relationships that our caregivers in still in them, don’t get the recognition they deserve.

These needs have morphed into a mission to ensure the safety of children specifically while they are in childcare. Which in turn has now evolved into Stroller Patrol, a mobile app that allows other parents in the community to inform you directly and confidentially about you’re child’s well being.

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