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Every minute with our little ones is precious. We don’t want to look away and risk missing a moment: that first smile, the first shaky steps, and those first words. When we do look away, we worry. Is my kid happy? Well cared for? Loved? Did I make the right choices?

Diana Toyberman, a banking professional and mom of two, witnessed a nanny mistreating a neighbor’s child. The nanny worked with the family for 8 months. The parents were shocked to hear about what she saw, and devastated by the news. Diana knew the parents had done everything right to ensure their child’s safety. With a stay-at-home mom who was constantly around the children and nanny, cameras installed in the home, and double-checked references, things still didn’t work out perfectly.

The nanny was let go and the family slowly began to heal from this trauma. But Diana was plagued with questions:  What if someone had seen and had said something earlier? What could we all do differently to keep children safe?

These questions morphed into a mission to ensure the safety of children specifically while they are in childcare. The idea evolved into Stroller Patrol, a mobile app that allows the friends, neighbors and even strangers around your children let you know if they have any particular feedback about your child’s care provider.

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